Friday, March 11

Wait, what?

I completely forgot that I used to have a writing blog here. Funnily enough, it has the same title as my snatched-away Vox blog. So I think I'll go through the Vox import I did to Wordpress and repost things here. It might take me a while but I do enjoy having a just-writing blog.

And I already have one!

Friday, November 17

Putting "RFM" to bed

I'll be doing all my blogging about writing at the new "So anyway..." Look under the heading "Toasted Cheese" or "Creatrix" for writing, editing, etc. entries.

Tuesday, September 5

Stupid about submissions

I've blogged this before but I'm curious: do writers even read the submission guidelines or a current issue before sending a submission to a journal? I do but that's just me. I'm like that. I pay attention & I follow set guidelines b/c I respect editors.

We had another simultaneous submission withdrawn by someone already on her second chance with us. She can't wait for our reading period to be over and she can't abide the "no simultaneous submissions" rule anyway. WTF? Fine. Take the credit from the journal who will accept your story within days of your submission. I'm sure the quality is lovely. In the meantime the real writers will be abiding the guidelines of better journals and earning better credits.

BTW: I really like the ampersands in this font

Friday, September 1

I'm getting a drink

September's Sweet Beatrice is up.

Three excellent pieces (two columns and a knitting pattern for "Make This") w/ very little editing required and I'm exhausted. I don't know how Theryn does it ;)